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Voter Turnout Map Published

Overall voter turnout in Allegheny County for Tuesday's general election came in at 32.7 percent. While it is not the lowest ever, it is a disappointing turnout for people like Chris Briem of the University Center for Social and Urban Research at Pitt.

"It was awfully good weather, you would like to see more folks come out to vote," said Briem.

The center has created three maps based on the November 8th election numbers. The first looks at who voted for each county executive candidate. The second map tracks voter turnout, and the third explores where people voted for the library tax referendum.

The 5th district of Robinson Township boasts the highest turnout in the county at just more than 52 percent. The 1st District of Ward 1 in the city of Pittsburgh came in at the bottom with just 65 of the potential 2,926 voters filling out a ballot, or 2.22 percent. Ward one includes the Lower Hill.

Squirrel Hill's Ward 14 District 19 boasted the highest voter turnout in the city, with just less than 46.97 percent.

"[T]hat was the referendum impacting the library board, it also is the home of Rich Fitzgerald, so probably both of those two things combined to ramp up turnout in the 14th ward, I'm guessing," said Briem.

The Allegheny County Division of Elections has published a detailed report on the final results from Tuesday's election.