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Clean Car Proposal Could Benefit Pennsylvanians

Currently, the average car in the United States gets 27.1 miles to the gallon. But if a new proposal is passed, that average may more than double.

On January 19th, the Environmental Protection Agency will hold a hearing in Philadelphia to gauge public interest about the Obama Administration's plan to increase the average highway miles per gallon to 54.5 by 2025.

PennEnvironment Field Organizer Ali Blumenstock says one of the main benefits of boosting the miles per gallon standard will be how much per year will be saved on gasoline.

"Pennsylvanians will save roughly $991 million dollars at the gas pump by the year 2030," Blumenstock said, "which comes out to about $200 dollars saved per family each year."

But family gas costs wouldn't be the only thing being reduced by this proposed increase in fuel efficiency. According to Blumenstock, Pennsylvania alone will save 701 million gallons of oil.

"In the country, it's even larger, it's about one quarter of our oil use will be cut because of these increased fuel efficiency standards," Blumenstock said.

But Blumenstock said the United States needs to increase its average fuel efficiency even more.

"As our technology gets better, and as electric vehicles and more hybrids come into the market — and I think it's a great step, it's really going to be a win-win for not only Pennsylvania's economy, but also our environment," Blumenstock said.

If the EPA adopts this proposal, it will take effect by the end of 2012.