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First Watch: The Weepies, 'No Trouble'

The Weepies took a leap with their latest video — figuratively and literally. "No Trouble" is the first video the married duo of Deb Talan and Steve Tannen has appeared in. But it's also one in which they (or, more accurately, their stunt doubles) jump from tall buildings onto other tall buildings, onto the ground, through windows and over railings.

If the mix of extreme parkour with a gentle acoustic folk band seems jarring, it's supposed to. It hasn't been a gentle, acoustic stretch for Tannen and Talan. Prophetically, "No Trouble" was written in 2013, just before Talan was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer. She recorded these haunting lines the week she started chemo. And as might be expected from musicians grappling with cancer treatment, the song is quiet.

But the video is not. Tannen and Talan stand-ins dash through the streets of Los Angeles performing mind-boggling parkour stunts. At one point they pass the real Weepies, who are busking calmly. As the doubles flash in and out of sight, Talan, who is now cancer-free, grins knowingly. In that moment, almost as potently as in the video's powerful final shot, the band's reasons for making such an unlikely video are clearest. Though they're singing sweetly on an LA street corner, they remember what it felt like to run for their lives.

The Weepies are on their first full-band tour in five years. Dates are listed on the band's Facebook page.

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