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First Watch: Eric Biddines, 'Peeuurrnn'

There's a special kind of clarity that comes from solitude and a change of scenery. Like Superman leaving Metropolis for his Fortress of Solitude, rapper-singer Eric Biddines leaves the tropical climate of his native South Florida for the snowy scenery of the Rocky Mountains in a new video for "Peeuurrnn." The bouncy, Upgrayde-produced song takes its onomatopoeic title from the sound of a speeding bullet.

For Biddines, an introspective Southern griot in the tradition of OutKast and Goodie Mob, that distinctive, percussive sound symbolizes an instantaneous change of mood and mindset, from negative to positive. In this scenic video, directed by Ryan Snyder, we get Biddines all by his lonesome, in all his gold-toothed glory, going line for line with his reflection in the mirror and trudging through the snowy terrain. Alone time never looked so dope.

Eric Biddines' The Local Cafe will be released Jan. 27 on Juggernaut Sound/ EMPIRE.

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