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All Songs +1: A Conversation With Matt Martians And Syd Of The Internet

Timmhotep Aku is an NPR Music contributor and occasional guest host for our +1 podcasts. This week he talks with Matt Martians and Syd of the soul band The Internet.

The Internet is greater than the some of its parts. The Internet I'm referring to in this case is the band consisting of founding members Matt Martians and Syd, as well as guitarist Steve Lacy, bassist Patrick Paige II and drummer Christopher A. Smith, a group of millennials in love with the traditions of R&B and soul.

And if the Internet's Grammy-nominated third album — 2015's Ego Death—cemented their rep as one of this decade's most promising bands, then this year's solo releases from the group's members hint that their potential might be exponentially greater than we previously imagined.

For this All Songs Considered +1 podcast, I speak to vocalist Syd and keyboardist and producer Matt Martians about their solo albums: Syd's "trap & B" inflected Fin and Matt's spaced-out Drum Chord Theory. Along the way we also talk about inspirations like the band N*E*R*D and idols such as the singer Brandy. We also talk about the imaginary limitations and double standards put on black bands.

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