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Hear 'Wait In The Car,' The Breeders' First New Song Since 2009

Kim Deal has been The Breeders' only constant (if a band that's prone to years-long breaks can have such a thing) since the group formed back in 1989, so calling any lineup "definitive" is a fool's errand. Still, The Breeders' current iteration — sisters Kim and Kelley Deal, Jim Macpherson and Josephine Wiggs — ought to be a pretty big deal to fans. These four aren't all founding members, but they're together in one place and releasing new music for the first time since 1993's classic Last Splash.

Of course, Breeders fans are accustomed to hiatuses, lineup changes and long gaps between releases, and the arrival of a new song called "Wait in the Car" marks the first new music from any iteration of the band since 2009. Even better, the track is a blurt of jolting joy that opens with a welcome exclamation — "Good morning!" — before rumbling through two minutes of sunny menace.

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