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Mt. Joy, 'Orange Blood'

Mt. Joy's "Orange Blood" is an indie track with an Americana twist that's equal parts joyous and contemplative. Even if you've never been on the type of literal psychedelic journey Mt. Joy weaves through in this song ("Acid took us on a date / Orange blood dripping from the sun), it might still move you to reflect, sepia-toned, on what it was like to fly down the interstate with the great love of your youth. The track is spare in many ways, with not much else besides the twang of a guitar and the occasional vibraslap rattle to accent frontman Matt Quinn's reminiscing. But it's ingenious, too – the percussion and lyrics combine to sound like a heartbeat, creating a mellow rhythm that carries us beautifully to Mt. Joy's gentle suggestion: take a trip. What kind, of course, is up to you.

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Nisha Venkat