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In ‘Lady Justice,’ Dahlia Lithwick profiles women who used the rule of law to challenge Trumpism

Equal-Arm Balance on US Constitution
Equal-Arm Balance on US Constitution

When Donald Trump became president, a group of women dedicated themselves to challenging his administration – using the rule of law.

“These women attorneys didn’t sit around workshopping, they just helicoptered in and saved democracy. And I think we forget how much we won.”

Journalist Dahlia Lithwick profiles some of those women in her new book Lady Justice … from the birth of Trumpism to the death of Roe v. Wade.

And Lithwick wants her book to play its part.

“I guess I think of it as a blueprint for fighting. But it’s a pink book, I should be clear, so it’s probably a pinkprint.”

Today, On Point: Dahlia Lithwick and “Lady Justice.”


Dahlia Lithwick, senior editor for Slate. Author of “Lady Justice.” Host of the “Amicus” podcast, a show about the law and the nine Supreme Court justices who interpret it. (@Dahlialithwick)

Book Excerpt

Excerpt from Lady Justice, by Dahlia Lithwick. Reprinted with permission. All Rights Reserved.

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