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Thursday Rundown: Legislation, Money and Marriage

Tim Lambert

These topics air Thursday June 19, 2014 at noon and 8pm on 90.5 WESA. Join the conversation LIVE between 12pm & 1 pm weekdays at 412-246-2002.

Non-Discrimination Bill

A recent court decision on marriage in Pennsylvania gives same-sex couples the ability to legally wed in the commonwealth. But with a lack of legislative protections, these couples still face discrimination in the workplace and when it comes to housing in some parts of the state. House bill 300 and Senate bill 300, currently in the State Government Committees, would eliminate discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity or expression. State Representative Erin Molchany is a co-sponsor of HB 300, she gives us an update on the legislation.

A New Approach to Pension Reform

PA Governor Tom Corbett recently aligned with State Representative Mike Tobash and other legislators who have developed a new way to administer public employee pensions in an effort to save taxpayer money. But according to a new report from Keystone Research Center economist and executive director Stephen Herzenberg, says the proposed plan “would make little progress reducing the state’s pension debt, while forcing Draconian benefit cuts on future teachers, cafeteria workers, nurses, and state employees.” He joins us along with Rep. Tobash to discuss the new approach and how best to tackle the state pension crisis.

Managing Money as a Couple

We’re in the midst of wedding season, and for many people, marriage is the first time they have to consider managing money with someone else in mind. As Chairman and CEO of BPU investment firm and a member of the Board of Directors of the Pittsburgh Chapter of the Financial Planning Association, Paul Brahim helps clients make sound financial decisions to fit their lifestyle. When it comes to couples, this can mean he has to be part adviser, part relationship therapist. He joins us to talk about how couples can manage money at all stages of life. 

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