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Essential Pittsburgh: Corporate Equity and Pittsburgh Jazz

Erroll Garner

In 2010, the Post-Gazette reported the Pittsburgh region was ranked "dead last" on indicators of racial and economic parity with regard to the Black working poor and African American children. This was done in comparison to 30 other regions in the country. A 2012 analysis prepared by the Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board reported African Americans in the Pittsburgh region make less than other groups in the same sector of work. Black Political Empowerment Project President Tim Stevens and organizational psychologist Barry Nathan join us to discuss a possible solution to this problem; the Corporate Equity and Inclusion Roundtable.

Stevens addresses what the Corporate Equity and Inclusion Roundtable encounters as they strive to change Pittsburgh’s racial inequalities:

"We’re dealing with uprooting history and creating a new history. We’re creating a commitment where there has not been a commitment." -Tim Stevens

Nathan gives a social solution to inequality in the workplace, especially in regards to Pittsburgh’s newcomers:

“It’s about making one on one relationships over and over again. … We have to somehow create a sense of critical mass so that when newcomers come into the region they say, even if there’s not a lot of people yet, like me, there’s a network that I can form, people are reaching out to me.” –Barry Nathan

Also, The Pittsburgh Jazz Celebration opens in the Steel City tomorrow, and an archive of jazz pianist and Pittsburgh native Erroll Garner's musical career will find a home at the University of Pittsburgh.

Jazz Celebration (starts at 23:15)

The Manchester Craftsmen's Guild and the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra are combining to host The Pittsburgh Jazz Celebration at Heinz Hall on Tuesday, June 16. MCG Executive Producer Marty Ashby and acclaimed drummer Roger Humphries joins us for a preview.

The Erroll Garner Archive (starts at 40:00)

June 15th would have been Pittsburgh-born jazz pianist Erroll Garner's 94th birthday. In his honor, the late Martha Glaser, who served as Garner's longtime agent, manager and civil rights activist, compiled an archive of the musician's career, including sheet music, awards, sound and video recordings and the telephone book Garner sat on when performing to boost his height. The entire collection will find a permanent home within the University of Pittsburgh Library System. Joining us for a remembrance of Errol Garner is Deane Root, professor and curator for the Center for American Music at the University of Pittsburgh.

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