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Essential Pittsburgh: Evaluating the Supreme Court's Rulings

Mark Fischer
"The Authority of Law" sculpture by James Earle Fraser outside the south side of the US Supreme Court

The 2014-2015 Supreme Court session has come to a close. Among the issues the justices have weighed in on are historic decisions on health care and same-sex marriage. However, there were also other cases regarding housing discrimination and lethal injections. Our legal contributor Pitt Law Professor David Harris looks at the rulings the justices have made and how they will impact our lives.
Harris explains the ruling of the recent lethal injections case decided by the Supreme Court:

"This was the argument made by opponents of the use of that drug that it is cruel and unusual because the people being executed are experiencing pain. The Supreme Court says no there is nothing cruel or unusual about using this particular drug cocktail and they legitimized execution this way by all the states that want to do it." -David Harris

Also in the program, Heinz History Center President Andy Masich describes the background of the iconic Rosie the Riveter and to mark the beginning of July, FreeBurgh highlights fun and inexpensive events this month in the Pittsburgh area.
Rosie the Riveter Created to Inspire Pittsburgh Workers (starts at 32:00)

As wartime production began to reach its peak in 1942, a Pittsburgh freelance artist was working for Westinghouse Electric to create posters in an effort to boost morale.  Heinz History Center President and CEO Andy Masich shares the story of J. Howard Miller and his iconic piece of Americana. 

FreeBurgh's Top Free Events: July (starts at 40:43)

FreeBurgh is the city's one-stop source for all things free-of-charge. Founder Matthew Spangler gives us the "Free Three:" the top three events happening in the area during the month of July for Pittsburghers of all ages, as well as a spotlight on special events happening in one of Pittsburgh's surrounding counties.