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Lessons From '1984' And Creating Sound Effects For The Stage

As extensive surveillance by the government becomes more prevalent, citizens are starting to feel like Big Brother really is watching them. Bricolage Theater’s Midnight Radio series will present George Orwell’s classic 1984 in the form of a radio broadcast this Thursday.  Before the program, attendees are invited to participate in a free Foley sound effects workshop.

Jeffery Carpenter, director of the show and master of the art of Foley sound effects, explains that finding the right adaptation of 1984 was instrumental when planning for the show’s success.

“It’s really about the soundscapes and creating the environment that the piece sits in.”

Although the use of music and Foley sound effects will drive the narrative, the use of telescreens mounted in front of cast members (including Essential Pittsburgh’s own Paul Guggenheimer) will give audiences the feeling that someone or something is watching the actors at all times. However, Carpenter says radio is the primary medium for portraying this adaptation of the story.

“There is something about this medium that creates such an intimacy for the listener. It’s collaboration with the audience member who has to use their imagination to fill in the gaps.”

The Bricolage Theater presents 1984 Thursday, November 5th at 8pm on Liberty Avenue in the Cultural District. The Foley workshop begins at 6:45pm.

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