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Chaka Khan Headlines at Pittsburgh Pride in the Street


A force of nature is a term used to describe a lot of things and if it applies to any single entertainer, Chaka Khan certainly fits the description.

Khan is a singer, songwriter, author, producer, actor, philanthropist and entrepreneur and she is coming to Pittsburgh to perform as the headliner for Pride in the Streets.

Khan shared her thoughts on headlining the event in Pittsburgh, “In lieu of what’s happened in the past week or so, I’m honored. I’m very honored to be performing at this momentous occasion.”

Khan said she will most likely not be able to stay in Pittsburgh for long as she keeps herself very busy but it’s worth it to the Grammy winner because she has a love and passion for all kinds of music.

Throughout her musical career Khan has performed at least 8 different music genres including: R&B, jazz, pop, rock, gospel, classical, country, and dance music. And despite all of these different genres, Khan said she did not have to change her approach.

“I really don't give it a lot of thought. I just sing. For me that’s quite simply, that’s what it is. I mean maybe for Jazz one has to be a little more attentive and there are certain applications that go to different genres of music. But other than that, I try to keep it as simple as possible.”

Never hesitant to try new music, she said she has no favorite genre of music. Instead she calls her favorite music “good music,” with meaningful lyrics.

Chaka Khan will headline "Pride in the Streets" on Liberty Avenue in Downtown Pittsburgh, Saturday June 14. Visit for more details.