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Heinz Calls Foul On Working After The Super Bowl, Wants ‘Smunday’ Holiday

David J. Phillip
The Vince Lombardi Trophy is seen before NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's news conference during preparations for the NFL Super Bowl 51 football game Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2017.

Though the Pittsburgh Steelers didn't make it to this year's Super Bowl, Heinz is offering its employees a dollop of joy to look forward to this weekend. It's giving workers a day off on the Monday following the Super Bowl. 


And Heinz doesn't just want its employees to get the day off. Citing a Workforce Institute study said that 16 million people "may miss work" the Monday after the big game, Heinz has started a petition to eliminate the worst work day of the year.


In a recent YouTube video produced by Heinz, an animated ketchup bottle lays out his case complete with charts, numbers and man-on-the-street testimony.


In the video, people call it, "the worst morning of the year," "un-American" and said, "You're naturally just not happy."


Instead of a wasted Monday with low productivity, the spokes-bottle proposes a new national holiday: Smunday.


According to Heinz, a Smunday petition will be sent to Congress once it gets 100,000 signatures. But even if the petition fails to squeeze through, salaried employees at Heinz will nonetheless enjoy their Smunday off.