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Mac Miller's Pittsburgh: Spots Mentioned In The Rapper's Music Through The Years

Carlee Overly painter Mac Miller.jpg
Sean Spencer
90.5 WESA
Carlee Overly, of Greensburg, Pa., paints a portrait of Mac Miller at a memorial ceremony on Sept. 6, 2019.

Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller passed away three years ago in California. The decorated artist, who was born Malcom McCormick, grew up in Point Breeze and included nods to the city throughout his work. From music videos filmed in front of Allderdice High School and Homewood Cemetery, to song references about the Kennywood and the Pirates, Miller dropped rhymes of “Pittsburgh” and “Allegheny” with style.

Below is a collection of some of Miller’s Pittsburgh references in his art.

Warning: Some of the videos embedded below include explicit language.

  • Frick Park Market
    • This market is located in Point Breeze and was a hangout spot for Miller growing up. 
    • Frick Park Market co-owner John Prodan says as a teen, Miller would frequent the market and stand outside selling his CDs to his friends.

  • Blue Slide Playground in Pittsburgh’s Squirrel Hill neighborhood

    • Miller’s debut album, Blue Slide Park — named after the city playground — hit number one on the Billboard hip-hop charts when it was released in 2011, selling about 144,000 copies in its first week.
    • Miller explained the title's significance to MTV News: "Being 2, going down slides and then being 6, playing Little League and hanging out there, then being older coming back there to drink and smoke and party, running from the cops. And now going back there just to chill out and drink a beer."
    • The song English Lane is about the street leading to Blue Slide Park.
  • Eat’n Park

    • In “Knock Knock,” he raps: “Keep a smile like an Eat'n Park cookie.”
    • In Complex, Miller talks about the Squirrel Hill restaurant, saying he would go there with his friends growing up.

  • Winchester Thurston and Taylor Allderdice High School

    • Miller attended both schools during his time in Pittsburgh.

  • Kennywood

    • “The sound amplified screams on Kennywood's Steel Phantom ride” is a line from his song Claymation.
    • Miller told the Post Gazette in 2012 that, “When I come home to Pittsburgh… I don't wanna be like a famous person, I don't wanna be a rapper. I just wanna go to Loews at the Waterfront and do regular stuff. It's kind of just hard to do that. I would love to go to Kennywood, but there's no way. I would have to go after it closed."
Mac Miller Mural Larimer.jpg
Katie Blackley
90.5 WESA
A mural in memory of Mac Miller in Pittsburgh's Larimer neighborhood.

  • Sports References

    • Pittsburgh Steelers

      • “Willie Parker money, hand it off then it’s runnin’ back” from “Good Evening.” Parker was a former running back who played for the team for six seasons.
    • Pittsburgh Pirates

      • In “Break the Law,” Miller says he’s “The best thing out of Pittsburgh since Clemente with the Pirates.” Roberto Clemente was a Pittsburgh Pirate for 18 seasons and is a Hall of Famer.
  • Fifth Avenue

    • The song “Party on Fifth Ave.” was featured on Miller’s debut album, Blue Slide Park. The music video shows Miller and friends dressed as elderly men dancing and partying around the city.

  • Homewood Cemetery

    • In the song “Grand Finale,” Miller sings, “And if by chance it's my grand finale, bury me in Allegheny County.” He also filmed the music video for “Nike’s On My Feet” at the location in 2010.
    • Miller was buried in Homewood Cemetery after his death in 2018.
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