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Speed Trailers Provide Warning Before Enforcement Zone

State troopers from Allegheny and Washington Counties began a crackdown on speeding drivers on I-79 on Tuesday that will continue through November 13.

Pennsylvania State Police are using speed display trailers on the side of the road to alert drivers to how fast they're traveling compared to the speed limit and provide fair warning.

Jay Ofsanik, spokesman for PennDOT's District 12, said this is the first time in a while that state police have targeted speeding while using speed trailers.

"We've been doing speed enforcement with the state police and local police for a while. But we incorporated education enforcement in today's event by having speed trailers preceding the enforcement zones, hopefully to educate the people of how fast they were going," Ofsanik said.

He said that although comprehensive results were not available at this point, today's fastest driver was pulled over for doing 80 mph in a 55 mph zone, showing that some people were blatantly ignoring speed signs.

Ofsanik said it's better to always play it safe by doing the speed limit, keeping alert, wearing a seatbelt, and never drinking and driving. With the holidays approaching, Ofsanik said to expect similar crackdowns by traffic law enforcement.