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Governor Corbett: Healthy Transportation System Key to a Healthy Economy

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Lawmakers are continuing to work on a comprehensive transportation funding solution, according to Governor Tom Corbett. The governor was in Wexford, highlighting the role transportation plays in the overall economy. He said Pennsylvania is currently at a very important economic juncture with the continuing energy boom as well as the growing manufacturing and technology sectors.

“The role transportation has will be putting all of these pieces together, allowing the people that are here to be able to move about from region to region,” said Corbett.

There are numerous transportation improvement projects underway statewide. Corbett and House Majority Leader Mike Turzai highlighted one such project in the North Hills Monday – the Route 19 Wexford Flats improvement project, which is now about 90 percent complete.

“It’s a 2.5 mile project, it’s a five lane configuration of route 19 open to traffic, the project will ease congestion to reduce travel time and improve safety for the 28,000 vehicles that use this on an average day,” said Turzai.

Governor Corbett highlighted other transportation improvements in the region, including work on the Squirrel Hill Tunnel and Route 28.

“Around the region, you will continue to see barricades and orange cones go up, and while many times they annoy us, it’s a signal the state is still at work improving roads and bridges,” he said.

Corbett added that transportation is directly tied to the regrowth of southwestern PA, so lawmakers in Harrisburg will continue to work with officials from PennDOT on a comprehensive transportation plan.

“I don’t want to simply have a solution for today,” said Corbett, “we need to start planning solutions for tomorrow. We’re in the 21st Century. We can’t be just working for the next five years, we need to see what we can do for our transportation system to grow the economy around Pennsylvania for the long-term.”