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City Fights Snow and Prepares Weekend

50 city-owned vehicles have been working on Pittsburgh streets since Wednesday to battle the snow, sleet and ice combination coming down on the area. 

Pittsburgh Public Works Director Rob Kaczorowski said the primary, or critical, roadways in the city were addressed first. By 2:00 p.m. Thursday, nearly all of the secondary streets had been plowed, cleared, and salted.

For those who park on those secondary roadways, which is the case in most of the city, Kaczorowski suggested moving the vehicle if at all possible.

"Move [the car] down to a main artery that will be salted and cleared before that secondary street," Kaczorowski said. "If you need immediate access to the vehicle my recommendation is move it down to a cross-street that is on a primary."

Roadway issues should be addressed within 16-32 hours of a 3-6 inch accumulation of snow, and the Department of Public Works will be taking calls about streets after that time period.  Kaczorowski said for emergency situations, call 9-1-1.

More snow is predicted to come to the region this weekend.  Kaczorowski said the Public Works crews are already preparing for it, and will have plenty of salt to treat the roads.

"We're going to get our equipment back in shape, obviously the wear and tear on the equipment takes its toll, and we'll make sure our equipment is up and running," Kaczorowski said.  "I hope the guys can get a little rest and attack it when it comes."