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PA Turnpike: Commercial Scofflaws Owe $1.5M

Carolyn Kaster
AP Photo

The Pennsylvania Turnpike is trying to shame trucking firms and other commercial haulers into paying more than $1.5 million in unpaid tolls.  

One firm, Green Coast Logistics of South Plainfield, New Jersey, owes the bulk of that money, more than $678,000 stemming from more than 7,000 violations.

The violations occur when vehicles drive through EZPass lanes and don't have an electronic toll-paying device attached -- or don't have enough money in their EZPass account to cover the tolls.

The Turnpike commission has listed the top 24 commercial scofflaws, who owe more than $1.5 million stemming from thousands of violations.

Ten of the top 24 are from New Jersey, and eight are from Pennsylvania.

The rest are from Virginia, Ohio, Illinois and -- surprisingly -- Arizona.

Green Coast hasn't commented.