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Does Your Historical Site Have a Marker?

The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC) is once again asking people, cities, and historical societies to nominate their historical sites for a marker.

Since 1914, PHMC made more than 2,600 of the familiar blue and gold markers designating historical events, people, and dates.

PHMC spokesman Howard Pollman said the markers help communities recognize and preserve their local history.

“We know there are people who like to go out there and visit historical markers and get their pictures taken with them,” said Pollman. “And we’ve been doing historical markers for years and years and it’s really probably one of the most popular, if not the most visible, programs for the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission. I mean everybody knows those blue signs.”

Pollman said, once all of the nominations are in, a panel will review them for historical signifigance. The panel will then produce a report for PHMC commissioners for review and approval.

He said all of the markers are cast.

“So there’s a process that goes into that. And the cost for a large roadside marker is about $1,875 and the smaller city type one is about $1,400,” said Pollman. “So yeah, there is an expense that the nominations or sponsoring organizations must take into account when making the nomination.”

Pollman said the program brings together nominators, PHMC officials, and local residents to dedicate and celebrate marker instillations. Applications are due by December 1st