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Penn State Post-Sandusky Has Not Changed, Says Auditor General

The Pennsylvania Auditor General is calling on the governor and the General Assembly to push for changes in the leadership structure at Penn State.  Auditor Jack Wagner released a report Wednesday with additional recommendations, including creating uniform term limits for all board members and preventing staff members from becoming trustees and vice versa with ease.

He says half of his recomendations require legislation, and the others would require action from the Penn State Board of Trustees. 

“It’s time for the General Assembly, the governor, and the Penn State trustees to step up, to show leadership and take charge of reforming our flagship public university,” Wagner said.

Wagner stressed the recommendations are no different than the ones he announced this past summer: remove the Penn State president from the school’s Board of Trustees and make the governor a non-voting member.

What’s remarkable, said Wagner, is current president Rod Erickson holds just as much power as his predecessor, Graham Spanier, and that so little has changed about governance at Penn State.

“It’s pretty much the same operation that existed on November 4, 2011, the day before Jerry Sandusky was arrested,“ he said.

Wagner also said Penn State, which receives millions in state funding annually, should be subject to the state’s open records laws.

A Penn State spokesman said the trustees just received the report and will review it.