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From Slavery to Freedom – Heinz History Center Highlights Pittsburgh’s Role

Some 500 years of history are chronicled in the Heinz History Center’s “From Slavery to Freedom” exhibit, including the role Pittsburgh played both in slavery and in the fight for freedom.

“What we argue in this exhibit is that Pittsburgh was a destination of freedom and you will see in the exhibit, the various ways in which Pittsburghers really fought for free status, not only for African Americans, but freedom in upholding freedom as a part of the creed of the United State of America,” said Sam Black, the History Center’s director of African American studies.

The exhibit opens with a brief introduction to Africa, which features instruments and tools, and moves on from there. It’s not quite finished, President and CEO of the History Center, Andy Masich, said historians, educators, the public, and others will offer feedback that will go into the finished product.



“If all goes well, we’ll be completed by Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, January 21st, and the exhibit will be in its final form for Black History Month in February,” he said.

From Slavery to Freedom will be featured at the History Center in one form or another for the next decade.