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Game Commission Wants to Crack Down on Illegal ATV Use on Game Lands

The Pennsylvania Game Commission is looking to crack down on all-terrain vehicle (ATV) use on game lands and leased properties. The board of Game Commissioners proposed game commission officials be allowed to cite those who are illegally operating an ATV or snowmobile on game lands.

Jerry Feaser, Press Secretary for the Commission, said without the authority, there is no guarantee justice will be served.

"What our officers do now when they encounter those kind of violations is that they have to pass that information on to other enforcement authorities, which typically ends in mixed results," Feaser said. Under current law, game officers do not have the authority to cite summary offenses under the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code.

Feaser added ATVs and snowmobiles can cause damage to game land habitats.

"By giving this authority to our officers we can ensure that those kind of violations that occur on state game lands or on state game land properties, or other private properties under the state game commission's control through a lease or an agreement, these kinds of violations will be enforced," Feaser said.

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