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As Deer Season Approaches, Hunters Urged to Donate Some of Their Haul

With deer season just days away, hunters are being urged to donate some portion of what they haul in to food banks.

The group Hunters Sharing the Harvest reimburses 92 participating deer butchers around the state for taking donated venison and processing the meat for distribution.

Lorri Diller, co-owner of Diller’s Deer Processing in Cumberland County, said hunters don’t have to donate a whole deer.

"Even a couple pounds of hamburger maybe out of their bag when they take it along with them, that goes a long way," Diller said. "And if everybody just gives a couple bags of burger, one-pound packs, it’ll go a long way."

Hunters donating an entire animal are asked to make a $15 tax-deductible down payment for the processing — a combination of state funding, donations and corporate sponsorships pays for the rest of the costs.

Participating butchers are listed on the Hunters Sharing the Harvest website.

The group aims to collect 100,000 pounds of venison every year.

Its executive director said last year it brought in about 92,000 pounds.

Deer rifle season begins Monday in Pennsylvania.