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"The Power of One Voice" Uses the Voices of Friends and Family to Tell the Story of Rachel Carson

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In 2012 a symposium was held in Pittsburgh, at Chatham University and the National Aviary, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Rachel Carson’s ground breaking book "Silent Spring."

Out of that symposium came the idea to develop a documentary about the late environmentalist-author’s life and humanitarian efforts, in a film called "The Power of One Voice." 

Producer/director Mark Dixon and Patricia DeMarco, former executive director of the Rachel Carson Institute at Chatham University teamed up with the Steeltown Entertainment Project, Carson's biographer Linda Lear and Carson's adopted son Roger Christie. 

Dixon explains why it was so important to have Linda and Roger take part in the film.

"Roger brings such a personal element. I mean he lived with Rachel Carson as a child, while she was writing 'Silent Spring,' until her death. So he witnessed that first hand. So he brings that emotion and sentiment to the film very directly."

The trailer for "The Power of One Voice" a film exploring the impact of Rachel Carson's work.

The first Pittsburgh screening of this documentary is sold out, but you can find information about additional local screenings here.