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Pittsburgh on Track for 2nd-Coldest February on Record

Associated Press

If you think it's been a cold February in Pittsburgh, you're right — near-record cold, in fact.

The National Weather Service says the city is on track for the second-coldest February since record-keeping began in 1871.

Meteorologist Rihaan Gangat said Saturday that the temperature averaged about 18.6 degrees for the first 27 days of February.

That is just over the 18-degree average recorded in 1979, the coldest February in recorded Pittsburgh history.

The next coldest February occurred in 1963, with an average temperature of 19.3 degrees.

Gangat said the 10 degrees below zero recorded on Feb. 20 was the coldest-ever temperature this late in the season — and it minus-9 four days later.

But there hasn't been record snowfall, only 37 inches so far — about 4.2 inches above average.