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00000176-e6f7-dce8-adff-f6f770520000The Allegheny Front is a radio program covering environmental issues in Western Pennsylvania. The Allegheny Front began in 1991 and continues to serve the community as the most insightful source of local and regional environmental news and information on the radio. The program explores environmental issues affecting the community through stories, interviews, news, and commentaries.

What Pennsylvania Must Do To Hit Its Carbon Reduction Goals By 2030

Zach Frailey

When the Obama administration announced its Clean Power Plan (CPP) back in 2015, it left it to individual states to figure out exactly how they would achieve the mandated cuts in greenhouse gases.

It’s clear some states will have an easier time than others.

For example, Pennsylvania’s target calls for a 33 percent reduction in carbon dioxide from 2005 levels. But the state may in fact already be halfway to meeting that goal.

According to the Energy Information Administration, Pennsylvania cut its carbon dioxide emissions 16 percent between 2005 and 2012, mostly because of declines in emissions from coal-fired power plants.

Our partners at Ohio Valley Resource put together this look at what it will take for Pennsylvania to cross the finish line by 2030.

Alexandra Kanik is a reporter for Ohio Valley Resources. Find more at the website of our partner Allegheny Front.