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Franklin Regional Gives Students Clear Backpacks

Franklin Regional School District

In the wake of the mass stabbing at Franklin Regional High school in which 21 students and 1 adult were injured, the school district has distributed clear backpacks to students to be used during the school day.

For the last several years, Franklin Regional students were not permitted to carry their backpacks during the day. The only bags allowed were small draw-string bags to carry gym clothes and other school items such as cords for laptops. Now, students will only be permitted to use the clear bags during the day. “FR Strong” is printed on the 1500 bags that were donated to the school by car dealership #1 Cochran.

According to Franklin Regional Assistant Super-intendant Mary Catherine Reljac the clear bags are meant to bring an added sense of safety and security to students and teachers.

“This was one way that we thought may help students to have that additional piece of mind by using clear bags and by issuing those clear bags to our students we have now defined what bag they are permitted to use during the school day as opposed to allowing them to use any bag,” said Reljac.

Reljac said she understands any concerns for violating student’s privacy with the clear bags. She also understands any criticism that weapons can still be hidden within the bags by wrapping them in a shirt or other item.

“I’m sure there are lots of arguments that could be made, and a lot of people that will be having lots of thoughts about any procedures that we have had in place in our high school, as well as what we do in the future,” said Reljac, “our effort is to do our best to make sure that it’s a safe and secure environment, as well as that it’s an environment that is reassuring to our students and our staff members.”

Reljac said additional security measures – such as metal detectors – are also under consideration by the school district’s leadership.

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