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Aviary's Baby Sloth Checks Out In Five-Month Physical

The National Aviary’s sloth is now 5 months old and finally has a name.

Aviary officials said he was named Valentino by an anonymous donor who bid for the naming rights.

“I mean, look at that adorable face. It’s just very Valentino to me,” said Cathy Schlott, curator of behavioral management and education, who works with Valentino. “How can you not fall in love with that face?”

Valentino, a two-toed sloth purchased from a breeder in Florida and acquired in February, also had his 5-month checkup this week.

He currently weighs in at a whopping 3 pounds and is 15 inches long, Schlott said. Valentino spends a lot of time sleeping during the day and eats a mixture of spinach, apples, eggs and sweet potatoes with a new item or two added to the mix every week.

“We tried kale, but Valentino does not like Kale,” Schlott said. “So far, out of the few foods we have tried with him, that is the one food that he will not eat.”

Valentino and a 15-year-old sloth named Wookie are currently on display at the National Aviary. There’s also an option to interact with Valentino up-close in groups of up to six people for an additional $150 per person.

When Valentino is full grown, in about two years, and acclimated to people, Schlott said he will travel to classrooms and go out as part of the aviary’s education program.