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We Want To Hear About Your Favorite Teacher

Who was the best teacher you ever had? And what made him or her so great?

90.5 WESA wants to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week with short stories from local educators, parents and children in Western Pennsylvania. If you’ve got a great yarn to spin and a couple minutes to spare, give us a call during business hours before 4 p.m. Wednesday May 4 at 412-315-6760 and ask for reporter Sarah Schneider. We’ll take your oral stories and edit them into a larger piece for broadcast this week heralding amazing educators region-wide.

And we know you’re busy. If sometime Monday evening or early Tuesday is more convenient, you can also record yourself using your smart phone’s voice memo app and email it to digitialeditor@wesa.fm. Just make sure to introduce yourself in the recording – “My name is Jane Doe. I work at ABC Elementary in Cranberry and my favorite teacher was Mr. John Smith at 123 Primary.” – and tell us briefly how this person affected your afternoon, your outlook or the course of your life. Try to keep it between 30 seconds and 3 minutes.

We can’t wait to tell your stories!