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Obama: Tough Choices Must be Made

President Barack Obama met with his Jobs Council in Pittsburgh on Tuesday before making a campaign-style stop at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) hall on the South Side, where he called on the U.S. Senate to pass his American Jobs Act.

"If we want this century to be another American Century, we can't just go back to an economic model that's based on how much we can borrow, how much debt we can rack up, and how much we consume," said Mr. Obama to a three-quarters-full ballroom. "Our prosperity has to be built on what we make, and what we sell around the world, and the ingenuity of our business people."

The President asked everyone in the room to hold any Senator that votes 'no' accountable for their actions. He said that for most of them, their only reason to vote 'no' is to deny him a win before the election.

"A lot of folks are living paycheck to paycheck and even day to day. They need action, and they need action now. They want Congress to do what they were elected to do: put country ahead of party," said Mr. Obama.

The President said that he will continue to fight for the ideas in the American Jobs Act, and will consider breaking up the measure into smaller bills that he will try to get through Congress individually. Mr. Obama also said he will continue to follow the suggestions of his Jobs Council in pushing for measures that support product research, new technologies, and entrepreneurship.

The White House said the $447 billion dollar package would create 1.9 million jobs. A portion of the spending is offset by higher taxes on the wealthy.