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Pennsylvania Democrats Heading to North Carolina for DNC 2012

One week after the Republican National Convention, Democrats will gather in Charlotte, NC to officially nominate President Barack Obama as their candidate for President. More than 200 Pennsylvania delegates will be there, along with alternates other party members. Chair of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, Jim Burn, said there is a lot of excitement leading up to the convention, at which the president is expected to address successes of the past and hopes for the future.

“We were losing ¾ of a million jobs a month (in 2009), the stock market was at 6,000 and falling, there were infrastructure problems, especially in the auto industry that were leading toward collapse. Through bold initiatives, we’ve had 29 straight months of job growth, an auto industry that is back on its feet and stronger than ever, and an economy that is turning around from the precipice of collapse and moving in a positive direction, and a stock market that is now at record levels,” said Burn.

He said the Republican National Convention was heavy on “warm and fuzzy” images of family and faith, but light on details of how that party would continue to build upon the economic recovery, and added he expects something a bit different at the DNC. 

“You’ll see that we love our families too in the Democratic Party, and we owe a lot to our parents and those who raised us, you’ll see that, we’ll match them on family, then we’ll up them on policy and agenda,” he said.

Pennsylvania is no longer considered a swing state in the presidential election, but Burn said the commonwealth will still play an important role, “any state that has 20 electoral votes will always remain relevant despite what the polls might say. We are very encouraged by the polling we’ve seen, because we believe we have the right president, the right leader, and the right message for all Pennsylvanians, we do not believe that Mr. Romney, Paul Ryan, or Governor Corbett have that message.”

The Democratic National Convention kicks off Tuesday in Charlotte, NC and will run until Thursday.