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New Voter ID Suit Asks State to Stop Spreading Misinformation

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The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a motion asking the court to order the state to stop spreading what the ACLU believes are misleading messages over whether voters must show photo identification on Election Day.  The motion also calls for the state to clearly broadcast the message that a photo ID isn't required.

ACLU lawyers were joined by representatives of other groups opposing the voter ID law, including the NAACP, in submitting the filing Friday. The action comes three weeks after they won a judge's order halting the requirement over concerns that some voters would be disenfranchised.

Poll workers will ask to see an ID November 6th in an effort to get voters used to showing their ID but voters  will not be turned away if they refuse or have no ID.  The goal is also to educate voters who might think they have proper identification but do not.

The lawyers say the administration of Republican Governor Tom Corbett has done virtually nothing to change its multimillion-dollar media campaign or the perception that an ID is required.  The suit also claims the state has continued to distribute false information through posters, mailings and TV ads.

An administration spokesman told the Associated Press that it would respond in court.