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Critz Loses Congressional District to Republican Rothfus

Democratic Congressman Mark Critz lost Pennsylvania's 12th Congressional District to Republican challenger Keith Rothfus in Tuesday's general election.

The outgoing Democrat said his campaign nearly overcame "insurmountable odds" to beat Rothfus, who became eligible to run after state-level Republicans reapportioned the district to include GOP-controlled areas in the North Hills of Allegheny County.

"I don't think anyone would've given us a chance, considering the onslaught of money we faced," said Critz.

The Congressman referred to the large amount of negative ads against him, paid for by out-of-state interest groups.

Rothfus will take control of a Congressional District that runs from Beaver County in the west, through the North Hills of Allegheny County, and stretching all the way out to Cambria and Somerset Counties in the east.

The district had been in Democratic hands since late Congressman Jack Murtha took office in the 1970s.