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Families of Flight 93 Name New/Old President

A familiar face is serving as the president of The Families of Flight 93. After taking a year off due to term limits Gordon Felt has been named to lead the organization once again.  

The Families of Flight 93 is a non-profit organization dedicated to completing the Flight 93 National Memorial in Somerset County.  Its board consists of family members of those who died on Flight 93 during the September 11th attacks.

Felt previously served as treasurer and then president before stepping down for Patrick White to take up the post.

He said White will now move into the role of vice president.

“His specialty is in the area of land acquisition, which is one of the major projects that our board works on the help establish the boundaries and the lands needed to create the Flight 93 National Memorial,” said Felt. “And with my eligibility to come back onto the board, Patrick was able to more fully step back into that role.”   

The memorial currently includes 2,200 acres of dedicated parklands.

Felt said the non-profit does a lot of work communicating with different organizations and agencies to ensure a “personal perspective” is added to the memorial.

He said some of his top priorities include completing the National Park Foundation’s capital campaign, which is $5 million from its goal, and finishing construction of the memorial.

“The visitor’s center, which we’re looking to have construction begin this coming year,” said Felt. “We’ve got an educational center, and we’ve got a Tower of Voices, which are the final two aspects of the memorial design that we are hoping to get under construction in the near future.”