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B-PEP Unhappy With Pittsburgh Police Review Board Appointment Wrap.mp3

Pittsburgh City Council will vote Tuesday on the confirmation of Mayor Luke Ravenstahl’s nominee, Karen McLellan, to fill an unexpired term on the Citizen Police Review Board.  With the expected confirmation of McLellan, the CPRB will consist of four white males, two black females, and one white female.

Tim Stevens, Chairman of B-PEP, the Black Political Empowerment Project, said there should be an African-American male on the CPRB.  

“So many of the incidents that occur between the police and the community—particularly the police and the black community—occur between police and black males.  To have a CPRB with not one black male on it is, I think, just wrong,” said Stevens.

The appointment being considered is for one of two seats on the board that require law enforcement experience.

Stevens said he had sent a letter requesting the appointment of a qualified African-American male.  “I talked to Council long before the final appointment was made and was told that a black male name with police background had been sent in, so the mayor can’t say he didn’t know of one or couldn’t find one.  He made a bad decision.  Nothing against the woman who was picked—it’s not personal.”

Stevens said he doesn’t think there’s anything to do about it until the next appointment.  This appointment will expire October 31st 2012.