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Polls Show Rising Support for Legalizing Medical Marijuana in PA

Gov. Tom Corbett won’t be budged by public opinion polls when it comes to marijuana.

Support is high for legalizing the drug when obtained with a doctor’s prescription.

But Corbett has said making medical marijuana legal will not rule out abuse of the drug, because prescription drugs are abused now.  

"This is a gateway to many other drugs," he said. "I believe we have a drug problem in this country. We have a drug problem in the state of Pennsylvania."

Corbett made his remarks on the Radio Pennsylvania “Ask the Governor” program.

State Attorney General Kathleen Kane has said she also opposes decriminalizing marijuana.

A recent Franklin and Marshall poll shows 82 percent of respondents support legalizing medical marijuana.

The poll tracks a 10 percent increase in those backing such a move since 2006.

But a majority of Pennsylvanians still do not support legalizing the recreational use of marijuana.