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PA to Join 23 Other States in Voter Cross-Check Program

The agency in charge of overseeing elections in Pennsylvania is joining 23 other states that swap voter registration rolls to check for duplicates.
The commonwealth’s Department of State is looking to have the cross-check running by next year’s gubernatorial primary election.
Spokesman Ron Ruman said participating states’ voter databases will be compared for duplicates, and when one is found, it’ll be sent to local election officials.

"They will be provided information where the new registration is and asked to contact the voter to verify that they in fact have moved and registered at another place, and if they’re able to verify that, they will be removed from the voter rolls in the place which has the older registration," he said.

It’s not considered fraud to be registered in more than one state. The fraudulent act would be to vote in multiple states in the same election.

The multi-state effort is based in Kansas, and Ruman said it comes at no cost to the commonwealth.

He added it models something Pennsylvania already uses within the state to check for voters registered in more than one county.