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State Lawmaker Wants to Take Drama Out of End-of-Session Budgeting Frenzy

A state representative wants to take all the drama out of the end-of session budgeting frenzy.
Chester County Republican Dan Truitt is borrowing an idea that’s been offered before in the state Capitol.

In the event that no spending plan is finalized by July first, he proposes having the old budget “roll over” to set funding levels temporarily until a deal is hashed out.

"Everybody who relies on funding from the state government gets worried as June 30th approaches every year," Truitt said. "Even with an all-Republican legislature and Republican governor and intentions of getting it done before June 30th, we’ve run to June 30th three years in a row now."

The spokesman for the House GOP agrees softening the June 30 deadline would stop any rush to finalize a budget, but says it could also be seen as a disincentive to wrap things up.

The change would require a constitutional amendment, which means it would have to pass in two consecutive legislative sessions and then clear a voter referendum.