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In Weekend Event, Corbett Says He's Ready to Campaign for Second Term

At the 115th annual Pennsylvania Society weekend, when the state’s political and industry elite head to New York City for a string of high-end parties, Gov. Tom Corbett was hard at work to send the message that he’s ready to campaign for a second term.

The buzz may have followed the Democratic gubernatorial candidates, but the governor, not known for being an extrovert, made his way around the various parties and forums in midtown Manhattan.

Rumors have mostly subsided about high-level, anonymous Republicans moving to edge Corbett out of the race, and the governor said he’s as confident as ever he has GOP support.

"I’ve always believed that the party’s behind me," Corbett said. "I’ve never had any doubt about that. Maybe some people that talk to the media, talk with you guys, question that, but I’ve never had any doubt about it."

Corbett could be seen late in the night on the first official day of PA Society having drinks in the lobby of the Waldorf Astoria, the anchor venue of the weekend.

Recent polls show no reversal of the downward trend in the governor’s dismally low job approval ratings.

In a speech Saturday the governor pointed to his recent success of seeing transportation funding through the state Legislature, and reiterated that his agenda isn’t popular, nor does it lend itself to easy victories for the party.

On that front, those who work close to the governor suggest overhauling the state’s public pension systems may be the next longtime goal Corbett tries to check off of his to-do list.