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Corbett Shrugs Off Possibility Lawmakers Will Sue Over Blocked Earmarks

Gov. Tom Corbett is shrugging off the possibility state lawmakers will sue him for blocking their earmarks earlier this month.

Legislative leaders say the line-item veto of seven-point-two million dollars in projects was unconstitutional.

They could try to override the veto with a two-thirds vote, or sue the administration.

Corbett said he doesn’t think a court battle is likely, though he’s not troubled by the possibility.

"Let them sue me," he said. "Last time I looked, that’s in the constitution, isn’t it?"

The governor also vetoed a $65 million chunk of the General Assembly’s funding, in an expression of his dismay that lawmakers did not pass his top legislative priority.

Lawmakers are not taking issue with that move, saying it was legal, in contrast to Corbett’s striking of earmarks.