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Wolf Sworn-In As Pennsylvania’s 47th Governor

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Gov. Tom Wolf has taken his oath of office, using his inauguration address to call for a statewide transformation.

“As you know, I laid out a plan during the campaign to give Pennsylvania a fresh start, and we will debate those ideas, I know, in the days and months and years to come,” said Wolf, turning to his left, where Republican House and Senate leaders chuckled.

“But I want you to know that for the next four years, my administration will be dedicated to three simple things,” Wolf continued. “First, jobs that pay. Second, schools that teach. And third, a government that works.”

The governor asked for bipartisan cooperation and respect. As he heralded the state’s natural resources, anti-fracking protesters chanted “ban fracking now,” just beyond the inaugural stands.

“To the protesters here today, I say, help me develop these opportunities in a way that is clean, safe and sustainable,” Wolf said.

After the address, Wolf walked with his family and top aides into the Capitol building to his new office, where he greeted his cabinet as governor for the first time. The event was closed to the press.