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Politics & Government

City Controller Says Schenley Skating Rink Has No Financial Oversight

On Thursday, City of Pittsburgh Controller Michael Lamb’s office released an audit of Schenley Park Skating Rink. The audit found poor cash management procedures and not enough internal controls – a problem Lamb said is pervasive across city owned facilities.

“We could pretty much do this audit in just about anywhere across the city where we are taking money across the counter,” said Lamb.

The office found there were no formal procedures on money collected and deposited at the rink, records for deposits and collection weren’t properly restricted, cashier controls were inadequate, deposits weren’t made on time and receipts weren’t handled properly.

Lamb said this audit points to the need for a city-wide cash management policy that is catered to every individual point of transaction and a need for stronger controls in areas where the city is doing business.