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Trump Hits The Midstate To Pitch His Tax Plan To Truckers

Alex Brandon
President Trump pitches his tax plan to truckers and conservative politicians on Wednesday, October 11 at Harrisburg International Airport in Middletown, Pa.

President Donald Trump took to the midstate Wednesday to pitch his tax plan to a cheering crowd of blue-collar workers and conservative Pennsylvania politicians.

He’s selling the proposal as one that would boost the middle class and small businesses—though many opponents say it would be a better deal for the rich. 

The theme of the night was trucking. And speaking in front of several carefully-arranged semi-trucks on the Harrisburg International Airport tarmac, Trump made it clear he supports the industry—calling the hundreds of truckers in attendance “heroes.”

“Nothing gets done in America without the hardworking men and women of the trucking industry,” he said. “Do we agree with that?” he asked the cheering audience.

Among his promises to truckers—and workers in general—were a 40 percent marginal tax rate cut for small business-owners, reduction of income tax brackets from eight to four, and cuts to corporate taxes.

He also pledged the death of the estate tax, which typically only applies to top earners.

“I’ve had rich friends of mine come up to me and say, Donald you’re doing this tax plan—we don’t want anything,” Trump said. “They say give it to the middle class. Give it to people who need it.”

As attendees filed out after the speech, state Republican politicians in attendance—like House Speaker Mike Turzai—were in visibly high spirits.

“I think it’s the number one policy initiative for the Trump administration, and nothing will help families and employees and jobs more than this proposal,” Turzai said.

There are questions in Washington about whether the plan can pass. GOP US Senators are struggling to rally support ahead of a major vote next week.

Democrats are adamant that it would be a better deal for the super-rich than the middle class.