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Republicans are considering rolling back a major expansion to Pennsylvania’s voting laws — a move motivated at least in part by relentless pressure from President Donald Trump and constituents who support him.

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Pennsylvania’s 20 Electoral College members cast their votes Monday for president-elect Joe Biden.

Similar votes are happening around the country. Despite President Donald Trump’s many attempts to overturn the election results through the courts, the final electoral college vote will make official a result that has been clear since November: Biden won the electoral college, as well as the popular vote.

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A group of Pennsylvania’s Republican state lawmakers — including, notably, state House leaders — are urging Congress to take an extreme, last-ditch, and likely ineffective step to overturn President-Elect Joe Biden’s victory.

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A Pennsylvania court has introduced a strict new rule for voters in what is perhaps the most important swing state in the United States.

The state sends out an extra "secrecy" envelope with all its mail ballots. And the court has now decided that if voters forget to include that envelope when they return their ballots — an error that's being termed a "naked ballot" — their votes will be automatically void.

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Former vice president Joe Biden had a good night Tuesday. 

As of midnight, he had won Mississippi, Missouri, the key swing state of Michigan and was leading in Idaho. It was too soon to call races in Washington and North Dakota.

Biden declared that his campaign “is taking off” but celebrating those victories was a little more difficult.

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Under federal law, Pennsylvanians have until October 1st to get updated IDs, or they’ll no longer be able to use their state identification to board planes or enter federal facilities and nuclear plants.

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A former high-ranking state senator pleaded guilty Thursday to three counts of child pornography possession and one count of criminal use of a communications facility. 

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Pennsylvania is trying to get more college students registered to vote in the general election in November.

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Pennsylvania’s chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union is suing the borough of Jim Thorpe and two of its police officers, for what it says was an illegal traffic stop.

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For years, Pennsylvania’s Corrections Department has been grappling with a growing issue: having to dedicate a lot of its budget to caring for aging inmates.

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Leaders of Harrisburg’s Roman Catholic Diocese are outlining a Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

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Governor Tom Wolf’s plan to have Pennsylvania join ten other states in a regional cap-and-trade agreement to cut greenhouse gas emissions ​is moving slowly through the vetting process.

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Pennsylvanians can now apply online to vote by mail, without an excuse.

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A lawsuit seeking to make Pennsylvania’s Roman Catholic dioceses disclose information on predatory priests is getting bigger. 

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Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf has said he'll veto a bill that would give tax breaks to manufacturers that use Pennsylvania natural gas. But Republicans—and a few others—are trying to see if they can override him.

The bill passed with support from more than two-thirds of lawmakers in each chamber. That means if nobody changes their position, members can ensure the bill becomes law. 

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Pennsylvania’s Auditor General is telling lawmakers that the commonwealth needs more money to impose dog laws.

He’s following up on a previous audit of the Dog Law Enforcement Bureau, a little-known office within the Agriculture Department that ensures the welfare of dogs in kennels and boarding facilities and oversees licensing and rabies vaccines.

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Democratic state senators are trying to pass a resolution that would designate the day after Valentine’s Day as “Love is Love Day,” in recognition of LGBTQ people.

They’ve attempted similar resolutions several times over the last few legislative sessions and say this most recent attempt is hitting a familiar roadblock: some Republicans don’t support the idea.

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In the wake of President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address, and his acquittal by the U.S. Senate Wednesday on two impeachment charges, Vice President Mike Pence headed to Pennsylvania.

After a Philadelphia event where he advocated for government-sponsored private-school scholarships, Pence made his way to Camp Hill, just outside Harrisburg, where he spoke at a Women for Trump event.

His message to the crowd was straightforward.

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Times are flush in Pennsylvania — at least, according to Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf’s latest budget proposal.

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With his annual budget address coming next week, Democratic Governor Tom Wolf is busy outlining some of his plans for the next fiscal year.

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The auditor general says a five-year overhaul of Pennsylvania’s statewide radio network is going according to plan. 

The system — used by police and other emergency responders — had been plagued by problems and cost overruns for decades.  

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In the week leading up to his annual budget address, Democratic Governor Tom Wolf is previewing some of the biggest pitches he plans to make to the Republican-controlled state House and Senate.

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Governor Tom Wolf said Monday that he thinks he can get a bipartisan deal on a raft of workforce development recommendations he’s including in this year’s proposed budget.

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A slate of brand-new voting laws will be used for the first time in Pennsylvania’s April primary —and counties are working to prepare.

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The state House is throwing its support behind proposals to put convicted human traffickers and their customers in prison longer, and change the way trafficking crimes are prosecuted.

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State House Speaker Mike Tuzai has scheduled a press conference for Thursday morning, amid rumors that he plans to resign.

Turzai’s office did not provide details on what the top House Republican will discuss Thursday, and the speaker declined repeated requests for comments about his plans. But lawmakers, lobbyists and staffers in the state Capitol say they’ve heard credible rumors he is stepping down.

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Some of the last big changes Pennsylvania made to its juvenile justice system came almost a decade ago, after the “kids for cash” scandal in which judges in Luzerne County took bribes for keeping minors in private detention facilities.

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In the state House’s first session week of the new year, the chamber took two different votes that Speaker Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny) quickly ordered to be struck from the record — an unusual move that prompted vocal concern from Democrats. 

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A group of state House lawmakers is trying to make sure doctors aren’t using patients’ bodies for medical training without consent.