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Governor Tom Wolf said Monday that he thinks he can get a bipartisan deal on a raft of workforce development recommendations he’s including in this year’s proposed budget.

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A slate of brand-new voting laws will be used for the first time in Pennsylvania’s April primary —and counties are working to prepare.

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The state House is throwing its support behind proposals to put convicted human traffickers and their customers in prison longer, and change the way trafficking crimes are prosecuted.

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State House Speaker Mike Tuzai has scheduled a press conference for Thursday morning, amid rumors that he plans to resign.

Turzai’s office did not provide details on what the top House Republican will discuss Thursday, and the speaker declined repeated requests for comments about his plans. But lawmakers, lobbyists and staffers in the state Capitol say they’ve heard credible rumors he is stepping down.

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Some of the last big changes Pennsylvania made to its juvenile justice system came almost a decade ago, after the “kids for cash” scandal in which judges in Luzerne County took bribes for keeping minors in private detention facilities.

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In the state House’s first session week of the new year, the chamber took two different votes that Speaker Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny) quickly ordered to be struck from the record — an unusual move that prompted vocal concern from Democrats. 

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A group of state House lawmakers is trying to make sure doctors aren’t using patients’ bodies for medical training without consent.

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The Republican-controlled state House has kicked off its first voting session of the new year with a slate of proposals aimed at keeping people who commit certain crimes in jail longer.

But so far, they’ve only pushed one through the chamber.  

The measure that passed the House affects people convicted of committing multiple crimes with firearms.

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State House and Senate lawmakers appear poised to pass a bill that would loosen some of the laws that govern certain oil and gas drillers.

But despite a significant amendment intended to win over skeptical Democrats, Governor Tom Wolf and others say the measure still allows too much pollution.

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Lawmakers are coming back to Harrisburg this week, and are already setting priorities for the second half of their two-year legislative session.

One of those priorities has been in the works for many years: overhauling the commonwealth’s redistricting laws.

Debate on the issue has moved in fits and starts for years. Many pro-reform lawmakers say they want an independent citizens’ commission to draw the lines, but they frequently differ on details. 

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Several Democratic state senators are trying to convince GOP leaders to hold hearings on a raft of bills to guarantee healthcare to certain Pennsylvanians if the Affordable Care Act is struck down.

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Democrats and Republicans in the state House are arguing over the date set for three special elections.

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Voters in Pennsylvania’s 48th state Senate District are going to the polls next Tuesday for a special election.

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Governor Tom Wolf says he’s not backing off his plan to qualify more Pennsylvanians for overtime pay.


Pennsylvania’s congressional delegation—half Republicans, half Democrats—seems to be split down party lines on ​this week’s attack, authorized by President Trump, on a top Iranian general.

Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture

Months ago, Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman went to Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding with an idea.

Could the Farm Show’s annual butter-sculpture centerpiece, he asked, be a dairy version of Gritty, Pennsylvania’s newest and arguably most internationally-beloved mascot?

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Pennsylvania’s Judicial Conduct Board is reprimanding the President Judge on Lancaster County’s Court of Common Pleas for apparently using his position to get out of a traffic stop in April.

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Pennsylvania’s jobless rate has risen slightly, even as unemployment nationwide has gone down.

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The state legislature has launched an attempt to fundamentally change how Pennsylvania picks judges.

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Pennsylvania’s auditor general says his office’s latest review of the Department of State turned up more than 50,000 cases of possibly inaccurate voter records.

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The state House has taken a significant step toward passing a long-awaited package of criminal justice overhauls—moving two of the three bills out of the chamber and to the Senate for concurrence.

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State lawmakers are working to resolve a legal quirk they say can make it complicated for local elected officials to get the training they need before taking office.  

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The state attorney general is planning to challenge the federal government if the Trump administration goes ahead with a proposal to change how tipped workers are paid, saying he fears it will lead to restaurant workers making less money.

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After months of negotiation, the state House has moved a package of criminal justice reform bills through committee.  The result is a bipartisan compromise — but thanks to several last-minute amendments, many Democratic lawmakers aren’t happy with it.

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The US House Judiciary Committee had its first impeachment hearing Wednesday, and unlike the Intelligence Committee hearings that preceded it, this one had three Pennsylvania representatives as participants.

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Major League Baseball is considering dropping 42 minor league teams from the circuit next year—and three of those teams are in Pennsylvania.

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A newly-enacted law is making the commonwealth one of 19 states with higher legal tobacco purchase ages.

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Pennsylvania’s new, state-run health ​insurance exchange is getting rolling ahead of its launch in 2021.

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Before departing Harrisburg for the holidays, state lawmakers sent a bill that would increase Pennsylvania’s minimum wage into what could be a legislative abyss between the House and Senate.

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The state is trying to make sure Pennsylvanians don’t start any house fires this Thanksgiving.