PennDOT Wants To Hear From You About Biking, Walking

Feb 7, 2018
Originally published on February 8, 2018 10:41 am

PennDOT is updating its statewide bicycle and pedestrian master plan. That includes a 22-question survey that will help regional and state planners.

Roy Gothie is PennDOT’s statewide bicycle and pedestrian coordinator. He said part of PennDOT’s job is to support riding and walking as transportation.

“We’re looking to see where we can identify some needs across the state," Gothie said. "For example, some people have already commented that they would like to see some more off-road facilities, separated bicycle lanes. And some places would just like to see more improvements on the shoulders."

Gothie said the first priority is to support people who need to walk and bike to get around. Another goal is supporting communities looking to trails and biking as a way to boost tourism and economic development.

“We’re really looking forward to rolling this out and getting a lot more public input,” he said.

Gothie said that includes hearing from non-traditional communities, including minorities, the disabled and Plain people like the Amish.

The final report is slated to be done in mid-February 2019, with an executive summary in March. Find the link to the survey on PennDOT's bicycle and pedestrian master plan page.

They expect to keep the survey open until the end of May — bike month.

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