Pittsburgh Police Unveil Rainbow-Clad Patrol Car Ahead Of Pride Month

May 29, 2018

June will mark national Pride Month, which celebrates the LGBT community, and Pittsburgh Police are showing solidarity with a rainbow-adorned patrol car. 

It was unveiled Tuesday and will be on display downtown throughout June. 

Pittsburgh Bureau of Police officials said in a press release that it’s part of the department’s “ongoing community outreach efforts.”

“This is part of our commitment to being an inclusive police department,” said Police Chief Scott Schubert in the release. “As far as our philosophy of community policing, this is about building bridges and being there for everyone.”

Members of the city's LGBTQIA+ advisory council, which was established last year, added that they support the police department’s efforts.

Officials say no taxpayer money was used on the decals, which cost $350. Instead, they were purchased by command staff.