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Google's Ross LaJeunesse on Freedom in the Digital Age


The internet is used globally by over 2.7 billion people. In the next decade it’s expected that 5 billion people will come online, continuing the change in how we communicate with each other, as well as who controls the internet.

Google Head of Free Expression and International Relations Ross LaJeunesse joined us for a discussion of freedom and power in the digital age.

"As Google, we believe that more information and more knowledge is good, because more information means the ability to make better choices and to lead better lives, really. Now, who's watching over all of this stuff is something that my team and I work on quite a bit because what we're seeing as the power of the net increases and the number of users that come online increases, we're starting to see governments step in and challenge that ecosystem," LaJeunesse says.

For information about Freedom and Power in the Digital Age, stop by the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh website.