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Best of 2014: NPR's Ira Flatow Brings "Lifelong Learning" to Listeners

Ryan Loew
90.5 WESA

As the year comes to a close, we’re looking back on our favorite Essential Pittsburgh stories and guests from 2014. Today we’re highlighting our favorite science and sci-fi guests.

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Just as it would be difficult for TV viewers to imagine Saturdays without Saturday Night Live, it would be equally challenging for public radio listeners to contemplate Fridays without Science Friday. The weekly call-in program engages listeners and scientists in lively conversations about all things science, and you can hear it here on 90.5 WESA on Fridays from 2 to 4 pm.

The host of Science Friday is Ira Flatow, an award winning NPR host and science correspondent who spent six years writing the well remembered Emmy-Award-winning Newton’s Apple on PBS as well as reporting on science for CBS. Ira started Science Friday as a radio show back in 1991, so it has been nearly a quarter of a century that the program has been on the air. Ira joined us back in June and talked about the interesting ways Science Friday has evolved in that time.

“We’re all about lifelong learning. And that’s why I think listeners are very interested in Science Friday -- because we’re teaching them something new every day, every week.”