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From Philly To Erie, 12 PA Voters Talk About Their Crucial Swing State Vote

4 hours ago
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With a week to go until Election Day, Pennsylvania has lived up to its hype as a key battleground state that could decide the presidency. 

Trump Dominated Facebook In 2016. In 2020, Biden Is Outspending Him In PA

5 hours ago
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In Pennsylvania, former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign is pouring significantly more dollars into Facebook ads than President Donald Trump’s campaign leading up to Election Day.

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President Donald Trump told a crowd outside Lititz on Monday that if re-elected, his administration would continue to preserve manufacturing and industry in Pennsylvania.

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Prosecutors across the state are collaborating with election workers to ensure in-person voting on November 3rd goes smoothly.

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“Abuse of Power Comes As No Surprise.”

“Protect Me From What I Want.”

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The Pennsylvania Republican Party is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to speedily take up its case to block counties in the presidential battleground state from counting mailed-in ballots received up to three days after the Nov. 3 election.

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Debra Beckey thinks the country needs change in November.

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Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court is prohibiting counties from rejecting ballots because the voter’s signature on it may not resemble their signature on their registration form.

Two Republican justices joined five Democratic justices in Friday's decision, which addresses a key concern surrounding an avalanche of mail-in ballots in the presidential battleground state.

President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden met for their second and final debate as tens of millions of Americans have already voted. A deeply divided country begins its final sprint to Election Day amid the coronavirus pandemic, and it's unclear how many voters have yet to make up their minds.

Here are five takeaways from the debate in Nashville, Tenn., a much different — and far more civil — night than the last encounter.

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On this week’s Explainer:

PA Reaching Out To More Than 4,000 Voters After Glitch Sends Them Two Mail Ballots

Oct 22, 2020
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State employees are reaching out to up to 4,300 Pennsylvania voters who requested a mail ballot, after a computer glitch caused them to be sent two ballots by mistake.

Department of State spokesperson Ellen Lyon said Thursday the issue was due to a printing error.

“We are continuing to investigate and monitor this to see if other factors are contributing to this issue, and to prevent future duplicate ballots from going out,” Lyon said Thursday. “We are going to be using email and phone calls to contact the voters.”

Matt Slocum / AP

Former President Barack Obama visited Philadelphia Wednesday for his first in-person campaign events of the election cycle on behalf of Joe Biden.

Matt Slocum / AP

A new lawsuit is challenging Pennsylvania’s court-ordered deadline to count mail-in ballots that are received up to three days after the Nov. 3 election in the presidential battleground state.

Plaintiffs in the suit filed Thursday include a Republican congressional candidate and four registered voters from Somerset County.

The lawsuit comes three days after the U.S. Supreme Court, divided 4-4, rejected a Republican plea making a similar argument.

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On today's program: The FCC is calling on governors to regulate rates and fees for intrastate phone calls; LGBTQ candidates in the general election could encourage more people from underrepresented groups to run for office; and drive-in theaters are enjoying a resurgence in popularity during the pandemic. 

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On today's program: Allegheny County Rich Fitzgerald has proposed a new department for children initiatives; a new report showcases problems with policing and ways to address them; and voters discuss the reliability of election results. 

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The Allegheny County Elections Division has managed to completely process all of the mail-in ballot applications it has received so far, with two weeks to go until the November election, and is working around the clock to finalize other important details -- all while being swamped with questions from voters.

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President Donald Trump pushed into arguably the most important state on the electoral map on Tuesday, opting for a rally in Pennsylvania instead of formal debate practice two days ahead of the final presidential debate that may be his last, best chance to alter the trajectory of the 2020 campaign.

Jared Murphy and Sarah Kovash / 90.5 WESA

Election Day is in just two weeks. But concerns about slow mail delivery, voter suppression, and baseless claims of fraud have voters on both sides wondering if the results can be trusted.


Monday was the last day in Pennsylvania to register to vote in the Nov. 3 election in which the presidential battleground state is playing a central role in the contest between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.

Voter registration in the state hit a record high in this cycle.

State elections officials said Monday that voter rolls in Pennsylvania passed 9 million.

High Court Allows 3-Day Extension For Pennsylvania Ballots

Oct 19, 2020
Sarah Kovash / 90.5 WESA

The Supreme Court will allow Pennsylvania to count ballots received up to three days after the election, rejecting a Republican plea.

Tim Tai / Philadelphia Inquirer

Pennsylvania’s top election official is confident that “the overwhelming majority” of the state’s votes will be counted soon after Nov. 3, even as a record number of residents register to vote and apply to cast ballots by mail.

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On today's program: Allegheny County solicitor Andy Szefi answers questions about voting ahead of the general election; and this year, voters might not know election results on election night.

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Voters in the city of Pittsburgh have a referendum on the ballot this fall. It’s an effort to strengthen the city’s police review board. But there is a chance that even if it passes, the issue may not be settled on Election Night.

Carrie Antlfinger / AP

An appellate court judge in Pennsylvania has turned down an emergency petition from Republicans seeking to block the Philadelphia suburb of Delaware County from operating a three-day early voting center in the city of Chester. 

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Supporters of President Donald Trump caravanned through the city of Pittsburgh midday on Saturday. 

Screenshot (left), Sarah Kovash (right) / 90.5 WESA (right)

Suburban Pennsylvania voters may reshape the national political landscape this year, and that’s especially true in places like the 17th Congressional District outside of Pittsburgh, where Democrat Conor Lamb is being challenged by Republican Sean Parnell. 


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On this week's Explainer:

WESA’s Lucy Perkins outlines what happened that caused nearly 29,000 misprinted ballots to go out to Allegheny County residents. County elections officials are blaming the error on a third-party vendor.

Everything PA Poll Watchers Can And Can't Do On Election Day, Explained

Oct 15, 2020
Jessica Griffin / Philadelphia Inquirer

State Democrats and Republicans are training a small army of partisan poll watchers to be their eyes and ears at voting sites across the state, a typical and legal process that allows both parties to monitor activities on Election Day and flag potential problems.

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On today's program: A nationwide project tackles voter confusion in the lead up to the general election; a research project is developing new guidelines to help break the cycle of opioid prescriptions in dental settings; and Pittsburgh musician Ernie Hawkins remembers blues legend Reverend Gary Davis. 

Talks On Critical Election Legislation In Pennsylvania Stall

Oct 15, 2020
Matt Slocum / AP

Closed-door talks on legislation seen as crucial to producing a prompt election result in the presidential battleground state of Pennsylvania appeared stuck Thursday between the Democratic governor and the Legislature's House Republican majority.